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Education Training

Polished Stucco is a point of reference and support for the professional growth of sector operators, as we organize numerous periodic training courses at our Surrey, BC premises.

Valuable moments of meeting and discussion, key tools for the success and competitiveness of customers on the market: in-depth study of techniques and materials, constant updating on products and application cycles, advanced themed courses dedicated to the most innovative and high-quality effects.

The courses we offer, which are aimed at applicators and resellers, deal with theoretical topics and practical exercises, in order to keep abreast of the continuous evolution of the market and to meet all specific customer requirements with the utmost professionalism.

Education Training

Decorative Course

The Decoratives Course is a practical class aimed at applicators, and concentrates on the most exclusive Novacolor finishes.
It gives an overview of all the products, including metallic and lime ones, for those wanting to master the main application techniques for perfect results every time.

  • Overview of the different decorative products by category: Metallics, Minerals Oxidation, Concrete Material types and areas of use
  • Application cycle of the main effects
  • Step-by-step Solutions and suggestions on-site
Decorative - Course
Education Training

Wall2Floor Course

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The Wall2Floor course is an in-depth theoretical and practical study dedicated to the world of micro-concrete for continuous floor and wall effects.

The course is aimed at applicators, and presents the characteristics of the system, the different application cycles divided by area of use, and the main solutions to site contingencies.

  • Wall2Floor: types of material and areas of use
  • The 5 systems: Urban, Commercial, Wellness, Office, and Outdoor
    Application cycle
  • Step-by-step Solutions and suggestions on-site
  • Decorative patinas
Education Training

Metallo Fuso - Liquid Metal Course

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This is a theoretical course with exclusive focus on the product Metallo_Fuso, the Novacolor decorative finish with liquid-metal effect.

The course is aimed at applicators and presents the characteristics of the product, its components, the necessary tools and the different effects that can be achieved.

The course includes a theory presentation and practical demonstrations by the trainer.

  • Introduction to Metallo_Fuso: main features and system components
  • Tools/equipment needed
  • Application cycle, step-by-step
  • Decorative effects
  • Metallo_Fuso Base Coat