Calce Cruda/CalceCruda Intonachino

CalceCruda is a microporous decorative coating, of mineral nature, with a strong natural connotation that actively contributes to living comfort.CalceCruda is formulated on the specific properties of lime hydrate, purified clay, selected marbles and natural sands, which when appropriately balanced, allow excellent workability and moldability.The clay component creates a network structure of particles, adjusts processing times and improves the workability of the product.The presence of cellulose fibres strengthens and reinforces the structure, thus contributing to the realisation of greater thicknesses in synergy with the other components.CalceCruda allows the attainment of top quality finishes with crinkled effect, with soft and warm colours, at the same time providing an elegant decoration for interior surfaces. CalceCruda Intonachinoca reduces the formaldehyde concentration in the surrounding environment, as tested accoring to ISO standards 16000-23.

Calce Cruda Yield: 1,5 – 2,5 kg/m² in two layers

Calce Cruda Intonachinio Yield: 2,2 – 2,8 m²/kg for each layer


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