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MATmotion Silvercare is a super washable, matt, waterbased paint for interiors, sanitising and anti-mould, free of formaldehyde, added solvents and plasticizers, VOC <1 g/l. MATmotion Silvercare contains silver ions which protect the paint film from the proliferation of bacteria. The silver ions counteract bacterial contamination of the film, carry out a preventive and lasting action, create an active barrier against microorganisms, guaranteeing a high standard of healthiness. MATmotion Silvercare is anti-drop, with excellent covering power, high surface uniformity. Provides clean and precise results thanks to the reduction of splashes in roller and brush application.

Dilution: For applications with roller/brush, dilute the first and second layer 10% max. with water. for applications with airless, the dilution varies depending on the kind of tool and the pressure

Yield: 9-12 m²/l for each layer

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