Mineral Sealer

Mineral Sealer is a new-generation, two-component, epoxy primer, with low emissions of volatile organic compounds and low emissions of formaldehyde. It can be diluted in water, with low viscosity and high penetrating power specificallyfor indoor, vertical and horizontal mineral finishes. Mineral Sealer does not alter the colors of decorative finishes and maintains unchanged the troweled effect. Mineral Sealer can be used as sealer in Wall2Floor systems, when combined with Wall2Floor Top Coat Fine. Mineral Sealer consolidates the mineral surface and optimises application technical performance of Clear Finish during the laying phase and subsequent hardening phase.

Dilution: Dilute the mixture obtained (0.500 lt of component a + 0.350 lt of component b) adding 2.5 lt of water

Yield: 4-8 m²/lt for each layer on irregular substrates; 8-12 m²/lt for each layer on smooth substrates

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