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Novacolor was the first brand in Italy, manufacturer of paints and varnishes for the professional building segment, to receive, for MATmotion line and Puro_VOC Free, the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, which attests precise requirements of VOC emissions guaranteeing ahealthy indoor environment.
But using sustainable raw materials does not mean having to give up on quality. Today, new technologies not only enable aesthetic value and product durability, but also improve these qualities.
The connection with sustainability, a constant value in Novacolor’s history, now finds visibility in the further acquisition of the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate for all the powder-form coatings of the Archi+ range, ‘Minerals’ lime-based finishes and the Novacolor primers.
The products now enjoying certification are:

MATmotion Supreme (Matt & Eggshell)
MATmotion Extra (Matt & Eggshell)
Puro_VOC free
Archi+ line (Concrete / Big / Fondo / Pietra & Pietra Intonaco / Tadelakt / Argilla)
Marmorino KS
Marmur Fine & Medio 
Era a Pennello Lime Paint
Zer0 Primer

All over the world, more and more consumers have become aware of how important indoor air quality is, which is why they increasingly choose eco-friendly products. This special certificate combines all European VOC emission standards and almost all voluntary VOC emission labels, including not only tests and screening for thousands of chemicals, but also an internal quality program to ensure that low-emission products are produced cyclically.

Novacolor and Sustainability

The scarcity of the planet’s resources determines new strategies in the industrial production where the word sustainability plays an increasingly important role. Novacolor has chosen to work with new-generation materials and to always anticipate trends, constantly searching for new solutions with an extreme focus on ecology and green approach. For this reason, the brand has made an important and conscious effort in recent years to eliminate, or drastically reduce, the use of harmful substances and toxic solvents, right from the study and design phase of new materials.
In this way, it has been possible to create products that meet the needs and expectations of customers without affecting the well-being of present and future generations. This ambition has become a reality thanks to the Mass Balance Approach production system that envisages the gradual replacement of materials derived from fossil resources with raw materials derived from permanent renewable resources, in particular, from the exploitation of biomass. The biomasses used by Novacolor are in fact made up of biological materials derived from waste that is not removed from the human and animal food chain. The use of these materials, modified through various processes to obtain both fuel and electricity, is an important asset in the production of decorative paints and varnishes, because it allows consumers to change their habits.
High quality standards and sustainable production are the two cornerstones through which Novacolor projects itself into the future. All this not only to orient itself towards environmental protection, but with the pioneering, and more far-reaching, intention of enabling consumers to change their purchasing habits by offering green materials and tracing a path for those wishing to change their approach in the production of varnishes and decorative paints.
Beautiful and sustainable are synergetic, shared concepts to help the industry and the environment achieve the best in favor of a lifestyle fit for the future. The acquisition of Indoor Air Comfort Gold for new product categories is a testament that for Novacolor this future has already begun.

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Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification

Novacolor was the first brand in Italy, manufacturer of paints and varnishes for the professional building segment, to receive, for MATmotion line...